IN 1977 the THOUSAND ISLANDS BRIDGE AUTHORITY WAS GIFTED THE BOLDT CASTLE attraction on Heart Island, a major tourist destination in the 1000 Islands region, but a property that had been allowed to decline to a state of disrepair.  In addition, the TIBA assumed ownership of the Boldt Castle Yacht House (now open for public visitation) as part of this gift.  The TIBA quickly moved on a well-planned repair program to arrest further deterioration and to rehabilitate much of these properties.

In 1978, the first year the Authority operated Boldt Castle attraction, attendance was tallied at 99,000 visitors.  With over $35,000,000 in maintenance repairs and major capital improvement projects to this regional attraction, visitations have increased annually – including a one-year, record-breaking attendance of 240,000!

Boldt Castle continuously ranks among the 25 most visited historic houses in the United States.  Through the years, Boldt Castle has been a tremendous tourist attraction with incalculable benefit to the 1000 Islands International tourism industry and will continue to for years to come thanks largely to the Authority’s rehabilitation efforts and preservation program.

As with all TIBA projects, non-bridge projects are also fully funded through Authority generated revenues from non-bridge operations without State, or Federal funds.

For more information on Boldt Castle please visit www.boldtcastle.com.