The Capital Corridor is a trade and tourism initiative jointly funded by the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority and the Federal Bridge Corporation, Ltd. of Canada. Our tag line “Consider Yourself Connected” will become increasingly well known as we begin the process of building awareness of the value and signifi cance of this trade corridor, as well as promoting and supporting the economic development objectives of our stakeholders. A trade corridor strives to remove parochial considerations while helping organizations understand the importance of being a part of a larger, integrated region.

The link in this bi-national initiative is the Thousand Islands Bridges. Direct access is off ered to all major cities in the Northeast via US Interstate 81 and Canada’s Highway 401. The bridge’s economical toll structure, shorter border crossing waits, and 24-hour customs clearance, make the Thousand Islands Bridge System a logical choice for international gateway crossing solutions.

The Capital Corridor is unique from a business development standpoint. Our mandate is clear. All economic development is positive–we will strive to lever the strengths of our stakeholders and foster private sector participation. By working together on building relationships, strategic alliances will naturally follow. A solid understanding of trade, tourism, and transportation issues will allow the Capital Corridor to become a resource for all parties. Partnerships, cooperation, information exchange, and collaboration will be important elements of the organization.

For further information please contact us at 315-482-2501.