THE 1000 ISLANDS INTERNATIONAL TOURISM COUNCIL, with its offices located at Collins Landing adjacent to the Thousand Islands Bridge, acts as the regional promotion agency for the Thousand Islands Seaway Region, Jefferson County and Southeastern Ontario.  The TIITC receives funding from TIBA, FBCL, Jefferson County, the State of New York, the 1000 Islands Marketing Partnership of Ontario and the private sector.

The primary purpose for which the TIITC is responsible is to promote the 1000 Islands International Region as a family tourist destination by promoting the services, attractions, and regional recreational opportunities of the region as well as encourage the use of the Thousand Islands Bridge System as the major vehicular linkage between the two nations.

The TIITC is responsible for printing and distributing 325,000 copies of the 1000 Islands International Travel Guide, a comprehensive guide to regional attractions, accommodations, restaurants, services, camping, fishing and outdoor recreational activities.

The Tourism Council supervises the preparation and placement of paid advertising to stimulate interest in the 1000 Islands Region as a tourist destination.  All advertising includes the toll free phone number 1-800-847-5263 and website to receive direct inquiries.  The Travel Guide is sent as the fulfillment piece to all inquiries received as a result of these advertisements.

The TIITC is also very active in preparing news releases to stimulate editorial coverage in newspapers and magazines.  Publicity programs, familiarization tours, and festival promotion offer a substantial amount of interest for this program.

The TIBA and FBCL, have long been key players in the promotion of tourism-related development, providing benefits of tremendous economic welfare to this region.  The TIBA’s Welcome Center houses the offices of the TIITC as well as offers informational and comfort facilities to the traveling public, located near the US Bridge at Collins Landing.

The promotional partnership between the TIBA and FBCL offers an international bond unmatched in other regions.

For more information on the 1000 Islands International Tourism Council please visit their corporate website


1000 Islands International Tourism Council

Box 400, 43373 Collins Landing
Alexandria Bay, New York 13607

Box 69
Lansdowne, Ontario KOE 1LO

Tel: 315-482-2520 • 800-8-ISLAND • Fax: 315-482-5906